About SitoMaestro

Welcome to SitoMaestro,

Only Customized online Business Solutions.

Based in the Netherlands we provide professional website maintenance, website design, marketing (SEM), copywriting, optimization (SEO), images editing and banners administration. Our services point to a wide range of business and/or communities, groups and associations who can communicate with any of the following languages English, Spanish, Italian.

SitoMaestro targets organizations that want to grow online without spending thousands of Euro, or hiring an expensive full-time programmer or web designer. Our team will also assist you after your website is launched.

These are the benefits of choosing SitoMaestro for your business:

* Custom web-design and consulting
* Powerful web platforms to manage your on-line business (Content Management System)
* Web hosting (you can host your domain, e.g. yoursite.com directly with us)
* Email accounts (account associated with your domain name, e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
* Customers support 24/7
* Best designs from some of the world's top web designers
* Easily add new web pages, images, pictures and videos WITHOUT limits
* Use web forms to streamline customer requests or subscriptions
* SEO, optimize search engine placement (Google, Yahoo, Bing...)
* Create a unique site that leverages your brand
* Engage visitors with newsletters, RSS feeds, blogs and more
* Interact with customers, make more sales. See you revenue grow
* Trainings. Provide trainings for Joomla, Magento, WordPress and Drupal

Our Background:
SitoMaestro is a communitation company specialized in custom webdevelopment, online marketing and web strategy consulting. Since 2000, SitoMaestro's team have been passionately developing, creating and consulting with many successful projects. Please contact us for a free consultation and don't forget to check out our Portfolio.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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