Some of the websites that we have built.

BBPellegrino.it | Visit: www.bbpellegrino.it  | Joomla! 3.x 

BBPellegrino is the first B&B opened in Valserra, a little beatiful valley located in Umbria, the center of Italy. Take a look at the website and if you like travelling-sport-culture, I advice you to pay a visit there. Very nice people and nice area... and food, wine... 

 portfolio bbpellegrino


CanileColleluna.it | Visit: www.canilecolleluna.it | Joomla! 3.x

This is a website-backoffice platform developed for the Municipality of Terni, Italy. It has a strong roles structure and permissions to manage the guests (dogs and other animals) assigning them custom fields to improve the daily workflow proceduresIt has been developed with a frontend multiple users editing support. The users can carry on their daily tasks using the frontend, no backend access is required to them.  

portfolio canilecolleluna  


showcase - Citizen Journalism with Revenue Share News Portal | Visit: www.eunp.eu | Drupal 7.x

This is a showcase of a Journalism Portal with well developed users points system, reviews and ranking support. 

The platform provides functionalities for users to gain or lose points for performing certain actions.
Users can accumulate points for actions such as posting articles, commenting or moderation duties. 
The functionality extends to include point accumulation on page views or votes, upgrade roles based on point balance, or purchase goods from your store. All this is useful in providing an incentive for users to participate in the site, and be more active.
Please note that the design is not been developed for this showcase!

portfolio eunp citizen


CSValserra.it | Visit: www.csvalserra.it | Joomla 3.x

 portfolio csvalserra


TelefonicaServizi.it | Visit: www.telefonicaservizi.it | WordPress 4.x

portfolio telefonicaservizi




Here a showcase of some projects built before the "Mobile Age"


VMG Trade 2009 (before "mobile age")

Visit: VMG Trade Import Export. | Joomla! 1.5
Extra Features:  *Domain Name and Maintenance, Sharing Extension,  PRO Publishing, Members Area.

VMG Trade | Import Export

Tabard Inn 2008 (before "mobile age") 

Visit: Tabard Inn Alehouse, Pub, Restaurant. | Joomla! 1.5
Extra Features:  Domain Name and Maintenance, Sharing Extension,  PRO Publishing.

Tabard Inn - Alehouse, Pub, Restaurant.

Ciceroo!com 2008 (before "mobile age")

Visit: Ciceroo!com | Joomla! 1.5
Independent Information Portal, News, Video News, Documentaries...

Extra Features: Domain Name and Maintenance, Discussion Page, Sharing Extension, Newsletter, PRO Publishing. More will follow as we are in stand-by for next customer's instructions.

Note: Ciceroo!com is much more complicated than its easy design may suggests. It is a very powerful site build for custom needs which we are developing with our client.
It has a very powerful publishing platform that automatically publishes an average of 3.000 articles a month within different categories and sections. Additionally it features a separate English version.
Ciceroo!com is an e-company with specific web-building and IT knowledge. The client has nevertheless opted for our cost-effective Co-Managed Solution for hassle-free management and development.
From the SitoMaestro's web-designer:
"The project is developing into a very powerful and elegant website.  I'm very happy to be the builder/designer of this project. :)"

Ciceroo!com Libera Informazione

ManuelaBatas.com 2007 (before "mobile age")

Visit: ManuelaBatas.com Professional Photographer | Joomla! 1.5

Manuela Batas - Professional Photographer

KempoLSK.nl 2007 (before "mobile age")

Visit: Kempolsk.nl Shaolin Kempo, Tai Chi School Utrecht | Joomla! 1.5
Old browsers site: KempoOB
Extra Features: Domain Maintenance, Newsletter, Photo-Share Tool.

KempoLSK.nl Shaolin Kempo School Utrecht

IFPAitalia.it 2007 (before "mobile age")

Visit: IFPAitalia.it  | Joomla! 1.5
International Flipper Pinball Association

Extra Features: Domain Name and Maintenance, Professional Design, Video-Share Tool, Blog, Photo Gallery, Forms Publishing, Sharing Extension, Newsletter. More will follow as we are in stand-by for further instructions from our client.

Note: IFPAitalia.it represent the Italian community of the International Flipper Pinball Association.
The site is developed with tools to fulfil all the needs of a very active community.


Valserra.com 2006 (before "mobile age")

Visit: Valserra.com Houses, Vacations, Nature. The Portal of the valley  | Joomla! 1.5
Extra Features: Image Rotator, GoogleMap, Discussion Page, Image Gallery/Viewer, Sharing Extension Newsletter.

Valserra.com is a "little" portal developed to represent Valserra valley. It was also our First Job! 



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