Co-Managed Websites


Co-Managed Service

Externalization of Web Development and Maintenance

What is the Co-Managed service?

We know that many website owners do not have the time and often the knowledge to keep up with their webpage’s needs. If you are one of them, the Co-Managed service is the best way to have a well running professional website.

It will take your company's experience on the Internet to a professional level.

The Co-Managed Solution is basically the Externalization of services. A cooperation between the Customer and one of our Web-Designers, Content Manager and Developers.

SitoMaestro provides assistance to the customers, in the "publishing and maintaining process". You will effectively have a Key Account Manager responsible for business activities.

A SitoMaestro member will be at your service for any problem you incur, from publishing an article to deeper technical issues. He/she will also advise you with your website development, like carrying out advertisement campaigns, find new useful tools for your business and install/configure them into your website.

The Co-Managed service can be also used to publish your website content. In order to make a good pagination and a good looking Internet page you always need a bit of technical/programming languages knowledge (like HTML, CSS and maybe PHP). This knowledge is provided by our experts when publishing your content.

The Co-Managed Solution costs only 25€/hour!